Why did Eminem Write Stan?

In a nutshell, Eminem took inspiration from his real-life experience of becoming a star to write Stan. One thing is for sure; Eminem did not write Stan because he wanted to make something that would eventually become a meme, a new slang term, or even a new word accepted into the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Those all […]

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Why Are Mentally Ill People So Strong?

Although we shouldn’t generalize every single mentally ill person into this group, the two basic reasons why this could happen are the lack of limitations your brain puts on your muscular system to avoid injury and hormones. It may seem like fiction, but there is some truth to this claim. You may have heard somebody […]

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Why is Florida So Crazy?

By all means, let’s have a Californian make an article about why Floridians are so crazy. At the risk of being the pot that calls the kettle crazy, I’ll attempt a short answer. Florida is super crazy because there is high diversity, high population, and it’s not very big geographically speaking. Simply put, we’ve packed […]

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Does a Spider Have Emotions and Can You Befriend One?

Yes and no. Spiders can feel things akin to emotions, but don’t have brains developed enough to have full blown emotional capacity. As far as befriending one goes, you can try, but I’m afraid that friendship will be very one-sided. Maybe try approaching it slowly, talk to it, and try to find out what it […]

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Has Anyone Tried to Be Batman in Real Life?

There have been more than a few people donning a garbage bag that go around the city claiming to be Batman, and even some that have done good things for the community in which they reside. But if we’re talking about staying true to the story of Batman from the comics, and not just someone […]

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What is meta humor?

Meta humor is a type of humor that is self-referential. Not to be confused with self-deprecating humor, meta humor can include different styles such as a joke that makes fun of a joke template, a joke about jokes, or even a fourth wall breaking joke. You might have heard somebody say that something is “so […]

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