Why Does Martin Luther King Have More Fame Than Malcolm X?

Although both men were black and fought to stop the injustices against the black community, they had very different backgrounds, took different approaches, and had different end goals. The main differences on why Martin Luther King Jr. became more well-known is because he was what the masses considered a respectable, educated man that took the […]

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Are the Medieval Meowing Nuns Real?

The Meowing Nuns in a Medieval French convent are most likely real, though the story cannot be 100% verified. Different theories exist on how the incident started. One theory categorizes this as mass hysteria, while another claims it’s the solitude of the mind, but stick around for my theory at the end. Now, if you’ve […]

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Was Al Capone Racist?

It’s hard to say whether Al Capone was racist. Lack of evidence would suggest no. But also, the time he lived in, and some of his actions, would suggest yes. As I said, it’s hard to say. The man was a criminal, and a very ruthless one at that. The amount of harm he caused […]

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Does Augustus Caesar Have Descendants Alive Today?

Though there cannot be a definitive answer due to lack of evidence, there are likely some descendants of Augustus Caesar alive today. Just look for anyone trying to expand Rome’s Road networks and they may have a lingering Augustus gene. The explanation to this question’s answer has to have a guess in it at some […]

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Why did Picasso Like to Shoot Blanks at People Who Bored Him?

For starters, Pablo Picasso was an asshole, so there’s that. He would carry his revolver around full of blanks so that he could shoot people that did dull things like ask him about his paintings. It was his way of saying, “You’re so unbearably boring you the world would be better without you in it.” […]

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Do the Native Americans Still Live in Tipis?

Whether you spell it Tipi or Teepee, the answer is no. Native Americans live in modern housing just like the rest of the modern world does. It’s not like we’re all still living in thatched roof cottages either, so why would they live in tipis? Much the same way Hollywood paints a tan overtone to […]

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