Why Are Mentally Ill People So Strong?

Although we shouldn’t generalize every single mentally ill person into this group, the two basic reasons why this could happen are the lack of limitations your brain puts on your muscular system to avoid injury and hormones. It may seem like fiction, but there is some truth to this claim. You may have heard somebody […]

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How did Albert Einstein come up with his ideas?

Albert Einstein made some significant contributions to science throughout his career. He is hailed for having one of the most brilliant minds in the (somewhat) recent past. But how did Albert Einstein come up with his ideas? It may surprise you to know that his loafing around doing nothing was a large part of his […]

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Can you get high off meditation?

To some it may be surprising, yet to others not surprising that, yes, meditation can produce a high. Now we’re not talking about the same kind of high you might experience from drug use, but a high from meditation can be just as intense. It’s hard to explain it all in just a few, concise […]

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If there is a smallpox, why isn’t there a bigpox or largepox?

We've all heard of smallpox was there a bigpox? The name of the disease smallpox comes from the Latin word for "spotted." The viral infection causes the forming of small pustules (pimple-like bumps filled with pus) on the skin. The term "smallpox" is not to distinguish it from another disease called "bigpox," but there does […]

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Why do villains have dark circles or sunken eyes?

If you are a fan of movies and comic books, you no doubt are familiar with the common facial features synonymous with villains and monsters.  Pale skin, warts, scars, sunken eyes, and dark circles are just a few of the characteristics that often make up the scary masks of the tormentors. But just how did […]

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