Is Slamming Your Fist Down on Someone’s Chest More Effective Than CPR Like it’s Shown in Movies?

You have seen it on the movies and you think to yourself can slamming your fist down on someone’s chest more effective than CPR? No, banging your fist on the chest of someone that has gone into cardiac arrest might be “worth a shot” in rare cases, but it typically is not more effective than […]

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Why Are Mentally Ill People So Strong?

Although we shouldn’t generalize every single mentally ill person into this group, the two basic reasons why this could happen are the lack of limitations your brain puts on your muscular system to avoid injury and hormones. It may seem like fiction, but there is some truth to this claim. You may have heard somebody […]

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Has Anyone Tried to Be Batman in Real Life?

There have been more than a few people donning a garbage bag that go around the city claiming to be Batman, and even some that have done good things for the community in which they reside. But if we’re talking about staying true to the story of Batman from the comics, and not just someone […]

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Why is Michael Myers so strong?

We can answer the question of why is Michael Myers so strong in two ways. To start off, let’s state the obvious: Michael Myers is a fictional character imagined up by movie creator John Carpenter in order to make a horrifying movie. Michael must be super strong so that we have a reason to fear […]

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Why does Michael Myers not talk?

Although there is lacking evidence that Michael is mute, so why does Michael Myers not talk much throughout his films? One could deduce that it could be because of his time in the mental hospital after he killed his sister, but the reality is that he is a fictional character. The answer is that movie […]

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Why do villains have dark circles or sunken eyes?

If you are a fan of movies and comic books, you no doubt are familiar with the common facial features synonymous with villains and monsters.  Pale skin, warts, scars, sunken eyes, and dark circles are just a few of the characteristics that often make up the scary masks of the tormentors. But just how did […]

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