Did Genghis Khan Write a Book?

So much has been written about Genghis Khan and mostly what is found, is written by other people. But did Genghis Khan, himself, ever write a book or anything about his conquests? Sadly no, it seems as though Khan may have had trusted scholars at the time record some of his memoirs and military victories more as guides for future battles rather than historical accounts.

So, we can with almost great certainty, surmise that what we read about him today was written by other people, most likely foreigners, who received their information by word-of-mouth stories passed down through the ages and that the legend Khan never wrote anything by himself, about himself.

Was Genghis Khan educated?

Genghis Khan was no dummy, and as we have learned through studying about his life, he was a keen war strategist and man who’s thinking on religious freedom was way before its time. There is no record of Khan having any formal education and having been raised in the confines of a tribe he most likely only learned from the elders in a primitive home school type situation.

Despite his limited education, Khan would later standardize a written language for his empire, create a rudimentary postal system and establish a system of codes and laws-not an easy task even for someone who has formal education and training.

Did Genghis Khan know how to write?

With these achievements, one would have to believe that Khan, who was believed to be illiterate at the beginning of his reign of terror, would in fact be able to read and write at his death (which, incidentally, is also still a mystery-he wanted the circumstances and his final resting place to be a closely guarded secret) but there is nothing documented to support this notion.

We continue to be fascinated to this day by Genghis Khan, the ferocious leader from the 13th century, who history claims is responsible for the deaths of over 40 million people.

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