Did Hitler Speak English or a language other than German?

Did Hitler Speak English?

The short and most probable answer to the question of did Hitler speak English is not likely. Hitler reportedly spent a few months residency in London where he probably picked up a few words and phrases in English, but in no way was able to speak or write in the language securely enough to hold a conversation with someone who was fluent.

How did Hitler and Mussolini communicate?

Hitler was a politician and recognized as a world leader so that status would infer that he would need to speak often with other foreign leaders. In his dealings with other world leaders it was customary for Hitler to use a trusted translator.

The exception to this was when he was speaking with Benito Mussolini, the Prime Minister of Italy, who was said to speak enough broken German for them to be able to communicate what they needed to say effectively. Unless whoever Hitler was speaking with spoke German, chances are they traded messages through an interpreter.

How many languages did Hitler Speak?

There of course is much speculation and lore on the subject, as always surrounds Hitler, but most historical accounts dispute any other findings contrary to the leader being able to converse in anything but in the language of his heritage - German. 

Hitler was indeed a fascinating, complex individual who was said to be of above average intelligence, so it is puzzling as to why he never pursued learning or other languages especially when he had to meet and converse frequently with foreign leaders.

Did Hitler have an accent?

Hitler was Austrian by birth, so his native language was “Bavarian” which is a specific dialect of German spoken in Austria. His accent when conversing in German would have easily identified him as Austrian. This accent was especially succinct and anyone from Germany speaking native German would have been able to isolate the inflections and modulations in his speech enough to easily distinguish his Austrian roots.

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