Does Augustus Caesar Have Descendants Alive Today?

Though there cannot be a definitive answer due to lack of evidence, there are likely some descendants of Augustus Caesar alive today. Just look for anyone trying to expand Rome’s Road networks and they may have a lingering Augustus gene. The explanation to this question’s answer has to have a guess in it at some point, however, because the lineages get unclear down the line. Unfortunately, we didn’t have Maury Povich telling all the Romans who the father was in those ages.

Did Augustus Caesar have kids?

Yes, in multiple cases. This becomes hard to tell, though, because this guy stuck his Copy/Paste rod all over the place, and so did a good number of his descendants. He had multiple wives, plus illegitimate children, and other obscure descendants. Just starting with Augustus Gaius Julius Caesar, the lineage is already unclear from there. In this day and age, we don’t accept the legitimate vs. illegitimate aspect because Maury doesn’t care if it’s a child with your wife or some other woman, it’s either your child or it isn’t. So, biologically speaking, Augustus Caesar has descendants not recorded as his descendants. Luckily, we do have some of his lineage recorded.

Broken Genealogy

Sad to be so blunt, but descendants that die before they have any children sear shut some of the branches of a family tree. Offspring of Augustus Caesar recorded in the books were not immune to this. Some died off before they could have any kids of their own, others started a lineage only to be cut down later, after only a few branches of that genealogical tree.

Surviving Progeny

The posterity of Augustus, taking after their great4 grandfather, those people got it on. Some say that, theoretically, descendants of Augustus today number in the billions by way of European descent. Others question these numbers, with great argument points. The truth is that it is a little difficult to pinpoint exactly who came from whom in those days. A conclusion that is very reasonable is that, yes, there are descendants of Augustus Caesar going around breeding and cloning far and wide.

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