Has Anyone Tried to Be Batman in Real Life?

There have been more than a few people donning a garbage bag that go around the city claiming to be Batman, and even some that have done good things for the community in which they reside. But if we’re talking about staying true to the story of Batman from the comics, and not just someone dressed as batman going around in a black Lamborghini and calling it the “Batmobile,” unfortunately, no, there hasn’t been a real-life Batman… yet.

The Batchecklist

Part of the reason we haven’t had a real-life Batman is because of what would be required for such a person to exist. Consider that in the story, Child Batman, A.K.A. young Bruce Wayne… oh, spoiler alert: Bruce Wayne is Batman… anyway, so Baby Batman starts off with a strong motivation (childhood trauma) when he witnesses his parents’ death. He also has extensive training in martial arts (like a LOOOTTTTT of training), high amounts of dedication, incredible fitness, tactical know-how, detective skills… oh, and billions of dollars.

That last item on the list really narrows it down to only a handful of the world’s population, doesn’t it? Can you imagine Jeff Bezos slipping into a Batman outfit and going around fighting bad guys for the good of humanity? Yeah, me neither. If anything, he, like other billionaires, has been preparing to run away to space like a little bitch in his phallic rocket when the crap hits the fan. I really don’t think any of those self-absorbed assholes are going to be stepping up to the plate for the sake of others like that.

The Batmans (Batmen?) We HAVE Had

As I mentioned previously, there have been some cases of people dressing as Batman and going around doing good things. There was a case of one self-made man who was going around in his black Lamborghini wearing his Batman outfit. One video of this man went viral many years ago when he was pulled over by the police while in costume. We give him a lot of credit, however, because his contribution to society was visiting sick children in the hospital in efforts to lift their spirits. The story had a sad ending when he died in a traffic accident. He had engine trouble and stopped to inspect the “Batmobile,” when another vehicle crashed into it.

Here is another one spotted in Canada.

Like that Batman, there have been others. And though he was a real hero, we still haven’t had any that would fit the story of the rich, masked vigilante going around at night and beating up bad guys.

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