Why do so many soccer games end in a tie or draw game?

A draw game is when the score at the end of the game is equal for both teams, also known as a tie game. This could be 0-0, 1-1, 2-2, and so on. So, why does it feel so many soccer games end in a tie or draw game? Relatively speaking, it is common for soccer matches to end in a draw because soccer is a sport where it’s particularly difficult to score. Scoring which only gets more difficult when it’s professionals playing. Now, the key here is “relatively,”, because it really isn’t all that common for soccer games to end in a draw, but if you’re comparing them to other sports where draw games are near impossible (basketball comes to mind), by comparison it can seem like a lot of games end in a draw.

The big leagues

Sure, it's fun to play a sport as a group in the park, where the physical condition of the players can sometimes be questionable, but when you're talking professional level teams, only serious athletes are selected to play in these positions. Good players are analyzed, separated, and sifted until there's only the ones that get the privilege of being on the big-league team. Strikers have great control of the ball, defending players have sharp instincts, and goalies are players with feline reflexes; unlike the neighborhood ball goalie that thinks he's a good fit for that position because he's so fat he obstructs a third of the goal just by standing there. Point is great players not only have good offense, but they also defend very well, so it's HARD to score a goal in soccer.

Difficulty scoring is a part of the sport's appeal

American football and basketball are sports where a lot of points are scored during a game, and that's their appeal. Soccer is more about something being nearly impossible and pulling it off anyway. It requires a lot to score. That's not to say blow outs don't happen, but they're uncommon. While it may seem that a draw game is boring if you’re just looking at the scores, a draw game can be because talented teams are evenly matched, which can be very exciting, intense and full of energy.

The sport allows games to end in a draw

This may be a little obvious, but games sometimes end in a draw because the sport allows for it. Though there are cases where a draw is not allowed, such as in a knock-out tournament round where there must be a clear winner. But in other matches, draw games are allowed. Compare this to another sport like baseball, where if the score is tied after the regular 9 innings, the game will go into an extra inning. If the score is still tied, it will go into another extra inning. This will continue until there is a winner. Soccer just doesn’t do that in most cases. Since soccer is mainly played in tournaments, the result of a match will grant a points to a team from a point system. Regardless of what the score was, a win will grant 3 points, a draw game will grant 1 point, and a loss will count for 0 points. So draw games are accounted for in the points system, and therefore are a part of the game.

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