Why does TikTok ruin songs?

TikTok ruins songs, but it also doesn't. The popular short video sharing app has the option to include "sounds" with the video. These often take the form of a song or piece of music. This not only has the effect of overplaying a song, but it also has the potential to slingshot an otherwise overlooked song into the mainstream. So, for the sake of caution, let's examine the bathwater and see if there's a baby in there.

The Negative

Let’s not beat around the bush, TikTok’s short 16-second type videos make it so a song can quickly become overplayed. Quicker than usual, even. Imagine hearing a song at a club or party, then the DJ saying, “Hey, wasn’t that awesome? Let’s hear it again,” and then replaying the song another time, and then another, and then another. Now imagine that the DJ didn’t play the whole song, just 16 seconds of it. And then played it again and again. I’ll be honest, I’d be out of that club before the third time it played. And so would you, don’t lie.

What makes it even worse is that TikTok creators don’t just use any 16 seconds of a song, they use the hook. The premium choice, top shelf, slap-your-momma best part of the song. Because why would you use any other part of the song? This makes a song get ruined even faster because if you’re tired of the best part, you’re tired of the whole thing, it’s just how it goes.

Then come the copycats. Once a video becomes popular on TikTok, other creators want to jump on that bandwagon and recreate it themselves with their own little tweaks and details. Now your TikTok feed is flooded with the same song playing again and again. You can see how tiresome this can become.

The Positive

Now hold up. Before we make a TikTok of us throwing a phone with TikTok on it out the window, let’s talk about some positive consequences this brings to music. Let’s start with lesser-known artists who have gained fast traction because of this exact reason. TikTok has been an invaluable platform for non-famous musicians to get their songs and music heard. The fast-paced app has brought music that would otherwise be passed over to ears willing to hear it, even if it’s for 16 seconds.

Once people start liking that music, guess what? The artists who made it also become liked and gain some much-needed followers, which also brings more revenue so they can continue to work at their craft. Not only does this increase our selection of good music in the mainstream, it also provides some fresh ingredients for inspiration on new styles, mixes, collaborations, and other music.

Take It or Leave It

In the end, however, the decision is ultimately left to the individual to decide whether TikTok is good or bad for music. My beliefs about it may be completely different, even opposite, to what your beliefs are. That’s okay. That’s why I’m in my house doing whatever the hell I want, and you are in yours doing whatever the hell you want. Cheers to that.

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