Why is Florida So Crazy?

By all means, let’s have a Californian make an article about why Floridians are so crazy. At the risk of being the pot that calls the kettle crazy, I’ll attempt a short answer. Florida is super crazy because there is high diversity, high population, and it’s not very big geographically speaking. Simply put, we’ve packed a lot of weird into a small space. There are other contributing factors, of course, but mainly this is why you can run a Google search for any month and day followed by “Florida man” and guaranteed you will get a search result back with a news article of some man doing something nutty. Let’s test it out:

Enough said. Now let’s look at this, and other possible factors that could give an explanation.

Insufferable Weather

Florida is not just hot. Florida is not just humid. Florida is a staggering combination of both hot and humid that deserves a little more explanation than just saying, “It’s hot and humid.” To top that off, every year it has a celebration of its crazy weather by getting real hurricaney. The constant heat and humidity can drive anyone to road rage like you’ve never experienced, such as the guy who got into a road rage incident and ended up running himself over. Oh yeeeaaaahh, that’s Florida, baby! And if it isn’t the heat and humidity combination that’ll get ya, those hurricanes will blow you away, tumble and spin you around like it’s your turn to take a whack at the piñata, leaving you dizzy, dazed and speaking a language that only other Floridians can understand.

No Extradition

There is no actual written rule or law that Florida doesn’t extradite its residents to the other states if they did something over there, but it certainly seems to be common practice. Are you running from your creditors in Nebraska? Go to Florida. You broke the law in Louisiana? Florida’s your hideout. Were you living comfortably in New York until you ran for president, won the election, and then did a bunch of bizarre, unexpected stuff while you were in office? Yup, Florida. Full disclosure, this isn’t legal advise by any means, but many of these people do end up using Florida as their hideout, so you can imagine this only contributes to the craziness levels of the Sunshine State.

Jam-Packed Loonies

It doesn’t sound like it’s the case, but Florida is the third highest populated state of the U.S.A. California takes the number 1 position, followed by Texas, and then there’s Florida. California’s geographic size is about 163,696 square miles, Texas is 268,597 square miles big, and Florida is a mere 65,758 square miles. To have such a dense and highly diverse population in that small of a space means that you will have all the weird from all over the world mixing with domestic weird and melting into a special flavor of crazy that’ll have you licking your lips going, “mmm, mmm, MMM, that’s good Florida.”

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