Why is Michael Myers so strong?

We can answer the question of why is Michael Myers so strong in two ways. To start off, let’s state the obvious: Michael Myers is a fictional character imagined up by movie creator John Carpenter in order to make a horrifying movie. Michael must be super strong so that we have a reason to fear him. Otherwise, if it was just your neighbor Kevin coming by trying to kill people, well that most likely wouldn’t be so scary. If we play along, however, we could chalk up his super strength and durability to his mental condition, adrenaline, and possibly stem cells or even progenitor cells.

Nightmares: the inspiration for scary movies

Ever wonder how it is that the villain in a scary movie often simply walks calmly towards their victim and somehow still catches up? Michael Myers is no exception. He avoids running like if exercise is the worst thing that could possibly happen to him. And that’s something that I can identify with, but that’s beside the point. The reason is that horror films rely on our psychology of our nightmares where we are often trying to outrun something dangerous but just can’t seem to get away.

If we’re not running and our “fight” response is activated instead, we try to take a swing at the aggressor only to have the weakest punch caress his face, if it even lands at all. It's terrifying that your defenses are as effective as attacking him with a paper towel or a handful of limp noodles.

For this, and several other reasons, Michael Myers has to be a character that is written to be insanely strong so that he fits the bill of a nightmarish being. I mean, this guy has been shot, stabbed, injected with corrosive substances, run over, had his eyeballs shot out, and even lit on fire. And every single time, he just keeps going.

Dive into the story

Now, if we are to try exploring why Michael Myers is so strong within the confines of the story, as if there were no writer involved, we’ll have to discuss two things: super strength and super healing. Let’s tackle the first one.

How can super strength be possible? The only way we know how is by a magical hormone called adrenaline. So, this isn’t superhuman, but it is super. Adrenaline can be released into your body during strong emotions like fear or, in Michael Myer’s case, anger.

He’s also mentally ill, as we know because he was in an insane asylum for most of his life. Why does that matter? Some people who suffer from mental illness can enter a state of high adrenaline very easily, therefore providing the necessary conditions for heightened strength. In some cases, a mental patient’s brain will simply not limit the potential output of the muscles, something that a normal brain wouldn’t do. This is because such a high power output from the muscles could result in injury, so the brain would limit that power to avoid injury. Michael Myers probably has his muscles cranked to 11.

Moving on to super healing! In essence, the only thing we could come up with as a possible reason for Michael Myers taking more punishment than my brother after bringing home his report card is either stem cells or progenitor cells. Your body has both of these kinds of cells, mainly for production of blood cells, healing your skin if it gets cut, or even regenerating severed parts of your liver (whaaaaaaattt??). Yeah, it’s a thing. Michael Myers must have tons of these. Although having too many of these is not without its consequences, so don’t slurping up fetuses like a certain (rather disgusting) South Park episode.

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